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Digital Agencies and the XY Problem

Working in an agency we come across the XY problem quite often. It has been written about a fair few times, but always from a technical perspective, so I thought it may be useful to give an explanation of this phenomenon from a client / UX point of view instead. What is the XY Problem? […]

What is the point of a homepage?

Homepages. Every site has one, and everyone has their opinions on what they should contain. But what exactly is the purpose of the homepage? It’s pretty simple really. The whole point of a homepage is to get people off the homepage as quickly as possible. You don’t get conversions by people staying on the homepage. […]

That’s not an infographic

Something has been annoying me for months. That something is ‘Infographics’. As a concept it’s great and pretty much a Ronseal idea: ‘Information presented in a graphical format’. This suits many situations because ‘a picture speaks 1000 words’ and to represent it in text would take, well, 1,000 words. A great example of what I […]

Stop looking for Photoshop alternatives for UI design

I recently read an interesting post on entitled: It’s Time to Dump Photoshop and Embrace Sketch: The quest to find a lightweight, focused alternative to Photoshop for UI/UX designers. It was interesting as only that day that I had been venting on Twitter: I mean, in the responsive web world is photoshop even useful […]

Content Modelling shouldn’t be a pain for content editors

I’m totally on-board with the content modelling idea for structured content. It is one of those things that just makes sense. The traditional approach of flat content stored as HTML on a webpage means whether or not anyone sees it is at the mercy of whatever web spider comes across your content, or whether someone […]

Choose your alt text before choosing the image

Having recently returned from UXCambridge one simple throwaway comment in an accessibility talk really got me thinking. Whitney Quesenbery was giving a talk on assistive technologies. Towards the end, while she was covering off some basic requirements for displaying images in an accessible way (how the alt text for images should describe the image and […]